30 Mar

Saturday Afternoon

When I finally dragged my sore self out of the house this morning I went to the grocery to pick up ingredients so I could get started on Easter cooking. I am in charge of rolls (that was easy, just bought a bag of Hawaiian’s!), green bean casserole (prepping today and making tomorrow) and two desserts. I am not posting the desserts yet because they are a surprise and Mom reads my blog, but hopefully they turn out fabulous and I will post them tomorrow!

After making dessert #1 my wonderful mother-in-law came and picked me up to go out to lunch. Apparently when Zach’s out of town I get fed by all my family members. 🙂 We went to a newer restaurant called Sullivan’s where we had the place pretty much to ourselves. I wasn’t feeling all that hungry so I ordered a bowl of potato soup.


As you can see it had too much cheese and bacon so I scraped it off onto the side. The soup was all right, I ate 3/4 despite it being a small bowl, just filled up really fast! It was nice to get to visit with Vicki though! We sat and talked well after our meal and that was the best part 🙂 Home now and about to go on a walk with Mom!

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