30 Mar

Saturday Morning

Sleeping was a little hard and restless last night (no surprise there) so I ended up sleeping late today. Woke up not very hungry and had a bowl of grapes.



Okay, I am SO. SO. SOOOO. SORE!!!! Oh my word it’s crazy! I have never been this sore in my entire life, I can say that as a fact. With Insanity you get one rest day a week and thankfully we are taking ours today. Zach is gone all day and I want to use Saturdays to run my 3 miles and not do Insanity though I can sure tell you I am not running 3 miles today! Honestly if I am this sore after 2 days I may have to take more rest days than the program calls for because I can NOT imagine doing an Insanity workout today…I can barely walk! I will do some type of exercise today, just not sure what that looks like yet!


  1. victoria March 30, 2013 at 11:07 am #

    Sounds like light stretching or a mild yoga session is in order. Listen to your body and realize rest is okay. 🙂

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