29 Mar

Friday Afternoon

Pirate Jack is snoring away next to me. 🙂 Today I ended up with a grand total of…4 kids. This week has spoiled me ridiculously with so many kids out and when I am back to a full load next week I know it will seem extra crazy. For now though I am happy about this easy last day of the week! Today I decided to do lunch in segments. Yesterday’s wasn’t bad but I felt like I ate a little too much right before Insanity and then didn’t have much energy by the time I went to the gym. The lack of energy was fine for my simple gym time last night but since tonight is turbo kick I am going to need some extra oomph! So here is the breakdown: First part of lunch (hopefully the last pics with snow in them…)


A hard-boiled egg + grapes prior to Insanity.

IMG_0591 IMG_0592

Haven’t had a HB egg for awhile and I always enjoy them oh-so-much. Grapes also get a thumbs up for being extra perfect!


Next was Insanity. Today’s workout was Cardio Power and Resistance. It was 41 minutes and was every bit as tough in different ways! I felt like yesterday was a little tougher on the legs and today was harder on the arms/shoulders. Burned 228 calories and did 1 mile.

Once I stopped shaking and chugging water and was ready to eat a little more it was time for cottage cheese I decided…except that we are out of cottage cheese. Oops. When did that happen? So instead I had a slice of toast with PB.



Just what the doctor Shaun T ordered!


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