29 Mar

Friday Evening

Well that didn’t go quite as planned but I think it all worked out how it was supposed to. I was going to turbo kick this evening and was especially looking forward to it since I missed last week but it was not to be. I didn’t get off work until 5:46 (I close at 5:30 and kids are normally gone by 5:15- this is the latest I have been off in over a year!). Unfortunately turbo starts at 5:30 and I normally make it in time or am just one or two minutes late and slide in the back. Showing up  20 minutes late though is not cool. Okay, so maybe I thought about it but there was no room anyway! I figured this must be a sign that I shouldn’t be pushing it too hard because I was truly wondering how I was going to make it through the whole class when I am SO. SORE. from the last two days of Insanity. So instead I kept it super moderate and just did 20 minutes walking on the treadmill (1 mile exactly and 116 calories).

When I got home I got ready and waited for my parents to come pick me up to go to an unknown dinner destination. We drove out to the middle of nowhere it seemed when suddenly we came upon the town of Marion and I knew immediately- Rosies!! Rosies is that wonderful, run-down italian restaurant that we go to every year before we see the Christmas light display in Marion and I absolutely love it. I never get to eat at Rosies but once a year and I was so very excited to be going there. 🙂 Though you now have to put up with some pretty awful photos since the lighting in there is about the worst ever. Small price to pay for deliciousness! I ordered this 1/4 carafe of wine but ended up only having a little over a glass and shared the rest with Mom 🙂


My pickings from the veggie plate that comes out before dinner (plus some bites of Mom’s salad and one more toast square!)


Then the best part:



My usual plate of food shared from both Mom and Dad! Meatball, lasagna, little bit of spaghetti and a small piece of veal parmigiana. As Dad put it, comfort food. Totally. Such a good Friday night meal! Now I am back home, watching Harry Potter and thinking about crashing on my couch… I was going to get a snack tonight, probably have Insomnia Cookies deliver me a cookie but there is no way now. I am TOO full!

265.5 miles.


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