28 Mar

Thursday Morning

As I am blogging I hear Zach in the other room doing the first round of Insanity and it sounds crazy! Haha I think it will freak me out hearing him do each morning what I am going to have to face in the afternoon! He did his fit test last night and we are both going to always be on the same day of exercise.

So this morning I did my 30 minutes on the gazelle and felt great- I had an awesome night’s sleep and the sun is shining and it’s another day with only about half my amount of kids so I am a happy camper. 🙂 Breakfast made me happy as well.


I typically want sweet, not savory, but Zach’s delicious smelling egg breakfast this morning had me craving eggs. So I cooked up an egg somewhat over-easy (the yolk broke a little though :() and put it on a grilled slice of Ezekiel bread.


Two slices of turkey bacon were cooked on the side and one of them ended up on the egg and bread turning it into a nice little bacon and egg sammie 🙂


This was beyond delicious and I honestly think that all three foods had even better flavor than normal because I cooked them on the same griddle that Zach previously cooked HIS egg/bacon/toast. I should do that more often…


On with my day and looking forward (kind of) to my first round of Insanity at nap-time!

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