26 Mar

Tuesday Morning

Mmm part of breakfast was a happy accident this morning 🙂


That part would be the bacon/PB sandwich…

IMG_0534 IMG_0535

See I made myself half an Ezekiel bun with PB and a bowl of greek yogurt and that was going to be it. Then Zach had a leftover slice of turkey bacon and I decided to put it ON my PB bread (ended up tearing the bacon into pieces) and it was serendipitous. The yogurt had thawed frozen raspberries on the bottom and a little raspberry Crofter’s jam on the top. It too was incredible!

IMG_0531 IMG_0536

Did my 30 minutes on the gazelle this morning and my ankle is unfortunately still bugging me some, even on the gazelle. I am pushing through it though and hoping it’s just some type of soreness twinge…I really need to start wearing shoes when I do a ZWOW to give my ankles more support.

So yesterday’s calorie burn total was 2,281. A little over 200 shy of my goal! I even thought I was doing really well too, haha! 2,500 is tough for me to hit with my height and weight but I am going to keep doing my best! Maybe today?


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