25 Mar

Monday Evening

I only ended up with 3 kids total today and they were all gone by 4:15! That hasn’t happened in…who knows when!? Having such a light day gave me extra time to work out at home so what did I do? Jump roping and DDR! DDR = dance dance revolution, a game we have for our PS2 that I have not played in possibly over a year. It is fun though and a great workout and it proved it today. Combined with the jump roping I burned 200 calories and covered a little over a mile! Unfortunately I have a bit of an issue with my left ankle. I think I pulled something during yesterday’s ZWOW. I felt it a little this morning but not bad. It wasn’t until the jumproping/DDR that it really started to hurt. It’s not a pain that I can feel when I push on my ankle/foot but whenever I push off my heel it’s pretty sharp. Hoping it’s better tomorrow!

I got to head to the gym earlier than usual and it was so nice to have so much available parking and so many open machines! I was going to alternate machines and do something like treadmill/stair master/elliptical etc. but with the way my ankle is feeling I figured I should do something that kept my foot planted so I did 35 minutes on the arc trainer for 133 calories burned and 2.1 miles.

Zach fixed dinner while I was at the gym and it was ready when I got home!


Vegetable Frittata from a Food Network cooking magazine. Cooked in my nice, huge oven-safe skillet.

IMG_0525 IMG_0526

He made the recipe exactly as the link says except we didn’t include bread. You know I skip the calories where they aren’t as important to me and bread just isn’t. 😉



This was really fantastic! I do think that next time we would use just a broccoli/cauliflower mix without the carrots. Neither of us is a huge fan of cooked carrots.

IMG_0528 IMG_0530


The paprika on top was especially nice 🙂 After dinner Zach and I went to Mom and Dad’s where we played them in Nerts and we ALMOST won! It was super close and we actually won more rounds than they did but in the end they came back. We are most definitely improving 🙂 Played Bananagrams after and Dad took both rounds (despite my puzzle built around “transgender” haha) so we headed back home. Watching “Walking Dead” and going to bed soon!

245.5 miles.


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