22 Mar

Friday Morning

It’s time. Time for me to impose some rules again. I just would like a bit of an extra push before Easter (I have a specific dress I would like to wear…) and also by cutting things out this ensures I spend less money and with taxes looming less than a month away we need to save all our pennies now. So now until Easter I am not having any drinks OR any snacks.

I didn’t do a booty call this morning, I am SO tired. I even went to bed early last night but had an absolutely terrible night’s sleep. I am feeling very thankful that tomorrow is Saturday. I don’t normally sleep in very late, but I think I may need to make an exception tomorrow!

It was an oatmeal-for-two Friday. Just regular banana oatmeal!


I “melted” a small frozen banana in at the start and stirred a regular banana in at the end. The only add-ins were flaxseed, cinnamon, vanilla and peanut butter (well and the banana of course).

IMG_0462 IMG_0463


It tasted good but I realized just how much I want some of that sweet and salty snack mix that I always got from the Farmer’s Market! I need to get some soon!



It’s very sunny out today and while it may still be below freezing, I am at least glad to see the sun!!


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