22 Mar

Thursday Evening

Once I got home from the gym Zach came home early from work to spend the rest of my half day with me. 🙂 We went out to Tonne to share a bottle of Chambourcin.


If I had a dollar for every picture I had like this at Tonne… We went over to Mom and Dad’s just to hang out for a bit and Mom and I looked through old scrapbooks (ate a small Reese’s egg) until Zach thought he was starving to death and we had to go get food immediately! 😉 So we went to dinner at Puerto. We had the usual chips and cheese dip but I did not get my enchilada I always get. For the first time ever I got the same thing as Zach – a half order of chicken nachos!


I always eat a couple of his and they taste good, so I thought I would try it out. Well it was good but it was just too big and too much of the same thing since it’s essentially just more chips and cheese dip. I didn’t finish it and won’t order it again but it was fun to do something different.

Why do I keep forgetting to update my mileage? Last night it jumped up to 234 miles (thanks to spin class!) Now tonight it is 237.5 miles. 31/200 running miles.


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