21 Mar

Wednesday Evening

Spin class tonight had both great and “bummer” aspects of it! The bummers were that Zach wasn’t able to go after all (really disappointing!) and also I forgot water. That is NOT a good thing to forget…I was so parched by the end. The great part though was that I felt really good and had a lot of energy this class. I biked for 75 minutes (got there really early tonight :)), burned 460 calories and covered 25.1 miles (8 towards the mileage goal). Overall a success!

I got home and got started straightaway on dinner since Hillary was joining us tonight. I had a recipe for Chicken Dijon with Couscous (from a Taste of Home: Healthy Cooking magazine) that I only had to half prepare! This is because I still have so much couscous cake leftover from last week that I just heated up a good amount of that and didn’t have to make any new! That meant all my attention could be directed toward the chicken. While cooking Hillary poured me a glass of moscato:


I put chicken breasts in a glass baking dish and kept it simple. Covered them in chicken broth, seasoned with some dried tarragon and pepper and began baking! When the chicken was done I set it aside and reserved the pan juices (yum!) for the sauce I was making. The sauce started with melted butter, salt and flour, then I made a few substitutions.  I used unsweetened almond milk in place of 2% and it still thickened quite nicely so I think this was a good swap. I also used greek yogurt instead of sour cream, also always a good swap. Lastly was the dijon mustard (hence the name…). The chicken went on the couscous with some sauce over it all.


Very good, very tender chicken and I loved the tarragon. That’s not an herb I use too often and it had nice flavor! The couscous complemented it very nicely in spite of the fact that it was my couscous recipe and not the one they called for.


The sauce was good but a bit strong on the dijon. I like dijon but I must not like too much of it because I thought just last week when Mom and Dad were over that one of my dishes had too much dijon. From now on I need to remember to cut back on it a bit!


Zach and I ended up taking a little drive and we were going to get a snack from IY…but they were closed! So we did something a bit unprecedented for us- went next door to DQ! Haha definitely not quality ice cream but it was fine for tonight. 🙂 We each got a mini-blizzard and shared.


Georgia mud fudge for me and oreo cheesequake for Zach. That concludes another weeknight in the Rabenstein household.


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