20 Mar

Tuesday Evening

*I swear I had this up last night!!*

Believe it or not, I DIDN’T go to the gym tonight. I know that’s pretty rare on a weeknight but Zach found out he had soccer from 7-9 so I opted to hang out with him for that brief period after work before he had to go. So we played Nerts. And tied! First time that has happened!

I was going to cook tonight but since the schedule was different than I expected we had leftovers instead. Very last of the seafood stew.


There were more shrimp in this serving 🙂 After Zach left for soccer I did something that I love but don’t often spend time on in the evening- I read! I read for a good, long time and it was very leisurely. Now I am going to settle in with blankets, the kitties and Titanic and wait for Zach to get back home!

224.5 miles.


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