19 Mar

Tuesday Morning

Man. I slept HORRIBLY last night. I was out for the first few hours but then started waking up a ton. Not like even every half hour but more like every 7 minutes?! I have no idea what was up but I kept having dreams while I was half-awake and it was so weird and exhausting. Despite this I cranked out 30 minutes on the gazelle this morning (barely hitting my 1.5 miles that I normally really surpass if that tells you how slowly I was moving…)

I fixed breakfast hoping that some good food would energize me for the day!


One Nature’s Path maple and cinnamon waffle with PB (currently using the Smucker’s All-Natural from last week) and maple syrup (c’mon sugar- give me a jolt!)


Plum on the side.


If the plum looks a bit questionable…it was. I didn’t finish it because it was too bitter! I am not quite sure what happened with it because I have had it for about a week and it never seemed to ripen. It just went from not ripe to…bad. At least the waffle was good! I have to be honest…I really loved the texture this PB gave to the waffle! Dare I say it…perhaps even more than Maranatha?! Though overall I love the flavor of Maranatha the best which is what is truly important when it comes down to it.

Been listening to “Here Comes the Sun” by the Beatles on repeat lately hoping it will prove true…so far no good.


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