15 Mar

Friday Afternoon

I finally had a meal that I could use my funny shaped bowl-dish-thing again!


I made steamed broccoli seasoned with Shoups and spooned it into two of the compartments…


Then 1% cottage cheese with pepper went into the other two…


Worked out perfectly!


No formal afternoon workout today but I keep playing with my new jump rope 🙂 Zach brought it to me from one of the houses he was working on (he flips foreclosed houses) and I was really excited! I always enjoyed jump roping at recess when I was a kid and now I know what a good workout it is for you as well. Jumping rope is always touted as one of the super-high calorie/fat blasters and so I am very glad to finally have one. So anyway, I keep jumping and then trying to beat my “score” of how many jumps I got. It feels like being a kid and getting in a secret workout all at the same time 🙂

Check out Pirate’s funny hang out places as of lately…

IMG_0272 IMG_0298

Behind the rack in the dishwasher and then in an empty puzzle box while Zach and I worked a puzzle. What a funny guy 🙂


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