15 Mar

Friday Evening

Two thumbs up for the weekend! Zach got to go with me tonight to class but it WAS turbo kick after all! Monique wasn’t there (my usual teacher) but it was a different sub than last week. We did a new round though that was really tough! I was super beat by the end. Definitely burned more calories than last week- 340 calories as well as 2.3 miles!

I had to make part of tonight’s recipe ahead of time today. Very thankful for having the nap-time break in my day to allow me to do so! What kind of cake is that in my springform pan you ask?


Why a couscous cake of course!


Tonight’s recipe is Turmeric Couscous Cake with Spring Vegetables from my Vegan Planet cookbook. The make ahead part was preparing the couscous cake. I chopped up some shallots and sautéed them in olive oil. Then I added couscous and vegetable broth to the saucepan with turmeric, cayenne and salt. Once the liquid was absorbed I transferred this to a springform pan to refrigerate for a few hours. First time I have ever used this type of pan for something that’s not a dessert! Also during nap I chopped scallions, tomatoes, asparagus and yellow bell pepper.


Once home from the gym I sliced the “cake”, lightly brushed it with oil and baked in the oven for 12 minutes at 350 degrees. While this was baking I sautéed the veggies. First the asparagus and pepper since they take the longest, then threw the rest in too along with shredded carrot which I didn’t have to prep since I cheated and bought it pre-shredded :). The recipe also called for peas but I omitted them based on preference. Topped the couscous cake off with the veggies and served!


I hoped that making something with “spring” in the title would inspire it to come quickly…wishful thinking.


Deliciousness this was! The tomatoes were so stewed that they reminded me of pizza and they added so much flavor! The couscous itself was very flavorful too.


It may have been a one-dish-dinner but my couscous was whole wheat and all that fiber has made me FULL!


Not quite sure how we are spending our Friday evening, but I’m just glad that that is what night it is!

218 miles.

{Edited to add}

Zach and I were going to get some frozen yogurt tonight to snack on while watching our movie but IY had already closed!! So we went to Insomnia cookies instead and got a cookie-wich to share. Half s’mores cookie, half triple chocolate with strawberry cheesecake ice cream.


This was a rich and indulgent bowl and very filling! I can’t imagine trying to eat a whole one as I can barely finish half!


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