15 Mar

Friday Morning

Sad day. I had to resort to kitchen lighting for my oatmeal this morning because there was really no natural light available. Not even at 8am!


At least breakfast was not sad. Oatmeal in a mostly empty Maranatha jar.


This morning was oatmeal for one with the normal ratio + 1/2 a banana. Stir-ins were the other half of banana, a few golden raisins, flaxseed, cinnamon, vanilla and a tsp. of PB.

IMG_0309 IMG_0310


Now this was not Maranatha PB because that was almost out. Since I couldn’t make a mid-week Whole Foods run but I really needed wanted more peanut butter on hand Zach and I went to Marsh to find the lesser of the evils. I came away with this jar of Smuckers Natural made with just peanuts and sea salt.



The stats are good, but it doesn’t taste as satisfying as my Maranatha. It will do for now though 🙂


Did 30 minutes on the gazelle per usual. Class tonight, I found out, will be kickboxing again. Apparently that is what the class was last week, not turbo kick, just plain kickboxing. I ran into my turbo kick teacher at the gym yesterday and she let me know she wasn’t teaching tonight either and that whenever that sub worked for her it would be a kickboxing class. My goal is to burn more calories than last time!


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