14 Mar

Thursday Evening

Extra great workout tonight! Why was it extra great you ask? Because Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix was on my treadmill TV while I ran 🙂 I ran 1.5 miles in 14:27 then walked the rest at a fast pace for slightly over 30 minutes (so I could reach 2.5 miles total). Burned 240 calories.

Tonight was an easy dinner night- leftovers!


Zach and I split the last turkey & bean burrito from last week and it re-heated great!


I was going to get FAGE to dip it in but then we ended up using some of the leftover greek yogurt sauce that Zach had made for the salmon cakes, it was a great addition! I also had a slightly underripe peach that was a little crunchy but still good 🙂


Not having to fix dinner makes for some extra time in the evening! Not sure what we are doing yet. I would love to go get in the hot tub but it’s sadly not working right now!! 😦 Hope that gets fixed soon…

214.5 miles. 27.5/200 running miles.

{Edited to add}

Evening snack during puzzle working/Hunger Games

IMG_0296 IMG_0297

Popcorn with a drizzle of Wild Squirrel chocolate coconut butter-delish!


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