12 Mar

Tuesday Morning

I slept hard last night. I mean I was out cold, despite the fact that I was having crazy, zombie dreams all night… Woke up this morning and wanted to watch the Bachelor finale during booty call and breakfast before I logged on to any form of social media. There are always spoilers galore! I got right on my 30 minutes of gazelle time but the show wasn’t up yet! So I settled for some Biggest Loser instead and then half-way through my workout was able to switch to Bachelor. 🙂 Then made a long overdue version of oatmeal- Blueberry!


I made this for two with normal beginnings minus the banana. Stir-ins were flaxseed, brown sugar, teensy bit of maple syrup, cinnamon, 1% cottage cheese (yes, you read that right) and of course…blueberries!


It might sounds strange having cottage cheese in oatmeal but it really does add a great texture/flavor combination!


The trick is to put the blueberries in long enough to get warm but not so long that they become soggy or all burst open. (Unless you like them that way…)


Another dark morning today!


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