9 Mar

Saturday Afternoon

Great run! I went to the gym this morning feeling really sore from last night’s whatever-kickboxing class, especially in the legs. I wanted to do my Saturday morning 3.1 but 1) I was sore and 2) I hadn’t ran that far in a couple of weeks. I honestly didn’t think I could do it and before I knew it not only had I run my 3.1 but I did it in 30:33, taking another 35 seconds off my last time!! I wasn’t even trying necessarily to take time off but I did it! I burned 319 calories which is a nice bonus as well 🙂

Got home and took a well-deserved, much-needed shower; dried my hair (a feat in itself); planned the menu for next week; helped with dishes; then made lunch!


Or…reheated lunch. 😉 Leftover pierogies, sausage and sauerkraut.


This reheated nicely and made a good, filling lunch!

I realized I didn’t update my mileage last night, so last night = 186 miles. Today = 189 miles, 26/200 running miles.


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