8 Mar

Friday Evening

I got off work at 5:24 today…and turbo kick starts at 5:30!! I threw on my gym clothes, flew out the door and hopped in the last spot in the back of the class just 3 minutes late 🙂 It was not our normal instructor though, nor was it our normal class. It was more kickboxing than turbo. Parts of it I liked (such as complicated moves and I sweat a lot) but parts of it I didn’t enjoy as much (not the same upbeat, loud music and too much repetition). Overall it was a good workout though and in the 44 minutes I did (it ran over by a few) I burned 296 calories and did 1.81 miles.

I finally had my in-laws over for dinner tonight! The dinner I have tried to cook two times for them since my stomach flu and had different illnesses both times! Finally tonight everyone was well and I made Jamaican Jerk Chicken with Cauliflower and Asparagus.


I actually made this dish a couple of months ago and Vicki picked it out as one she would like sometime. During nap-time I put the chicken in a bag with jerk marinade and jerk spices. Then I cut up cauliflower, asparagus and cilantro so it was all ready to go! I took the chicken out and cooked it on the stovetop until cooked through and charred. While the chicken cooled I cooked the asparagus/green onion/cauliflower in the rest of the marinade until the veggies were softened. Shredded the chicken and added it to the vegetables, tossed with cilantro and I served it with fresh pineapple!


The pineapple added an extra special something. 🙂

This dish was SPICY! Much hotter than I remember which worked out okay since my husband and mother-in-law both love spicy foods. Ron is not so much a spice fan, but I think he handled it pretty well. 🙂 As for me, I chugged a big old thing of water while eating to offset the heat. We had some cute, kitty company 🙂


After dinner I got to look at all my in-laws pictures from the cruise they took a month ago. They were beautiful and looked like such fun! I have never had a ton of desire to do a cruise (mostly because I would gain 15 pounds) but it would be fun to be able to see so many different islands in such a short period of time. Now it’s time for that relaxation I love so well…

{Edited to add}

During LOTR (the movie ZACH picked out, not me! 🙂 ) I made something that I used to have once in awhile as a kid-


A cinnamon roll-up! I used an 8-in tortilla and heated it up, put a small amount of butter on it, then cinnamon sugar and then rolled it up. Tasted like childhood 🙂


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