6 Mar

Wednesday Afternoon

Been actively working on vacation planning all nap-time and it’s going great! There are so many facets to planning a trip though that I still feel very over-whelmed and will most likely continue to feel this way until my itinerary looks perfect. Getting excited though 🙂 Lunch today started out like this:


With this lovely looking peach that I was so excited to eat. Unfortunately once I started eating I realized that this was a baaaaad peach and had to throw it out. 😦


The peach was replaced with a plum, but peaches are still in the rest of the pictures because I had already started eating the other foods by the time I realized it was bad.



Four slices of turkey bacon, on the other hand, were very, very good!


So was the last of last night’s broccoli!


Pirate Jack sniffing out the peach, maybe he realized it was bad before I did?



No food to prep for dinner today because I am eating at Mom and Dad’s house, it’s become a bit of a Wednesday tradition I believe since Zach is always at soccer!



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