6 Mar

Wednesday Evening

Lovely surprise this evening- Zach had no soccer!! This meant…he got to go to spin with me! It was so fun having him go too, he used to be able to go all of the time. He admitted when we were done that class was TOUGH for him which just goes to show you how great of a workout it is. I did 64 minutes, 24.6 miles (which counts as 8 for my cardio mileage) and 449 calories -great calorie burn!

After spin we went our separate ways since Zach had plans and I had dinner with my parents! A very good dinner at that 🙂



Mom made mustard pork chops over noodles that were super flavorful and delicious



Paired with sautéed vegetables



Yet another wonderful dinner by Mom 🙂 I took a picture out in front of their house of the beautiful snow:



Beautiful, yes, but I am ready for it to go now! So I forgot to add to last night’s post that I had the last 2 “reese cup eggs” for a snack, so I am mentioning it here. Most likely I forgot because I forgot to take a picture of them! No snack tonight though, just hanging out with Zach!

178.5 miles (spin class ups my mileage a lot 🙂 )


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