5 Mar

Tuesday Evening

Ran tonight! I only ran a mile and I wasn’t trying to run it fast but I was so excited just to get some in. Time flies when you’re having fun you’ve been sick and I realized I hadn’t run in almost 2 weeks! I am such a poor runner to begin with that missing two weeks is like going back 3 months in Jordan time. The run was good though and once it was over I walked at an incline for a total of 30 minutes on the treadmill, 1.94 miles and 233 calories burned.

Dinner tonight was beyond easy. I didn’t realize JUST how easy it was going to be when I picked this recipe but hey, easy is okay by me sometimes. 🙂 I got my recipe from “I Can’t Believe it’s not Fattening!” (written by the Biggest Loser nutritionist) and it was called Pierogies with Kielbasa and Sauerkraut. If you know much about pierogies (dumplings stuffed with potato filling) or kielbasa (sausage) then you know that this is typically NOT a light recipe. The way I made these though? Just 263 calories!


Here is all I used for this recipe: Mrs. T’s mini potato and cheddar pirogues (surprisingly light and low-cal!), smoked turkey sausage (make sure to buy a kind that has 5g of fat or LESS per 2 oz. serving) and jarred sauerkraut. All I had to do: cut sausage and heat in a skillet with sauerkraut, boil pierogies and then add them to sausage and sauerkraut. The end. This took like 5 minutes!!


I do have to say that I truly enjoy spending time creating dinners so I wouldn’t want to cook this way every night not to mention that fact that the recipe calls for a processed ingredients which I try to use sparingly but for once in awhile (especially if you were in a rush) this was great! I chopped fresh broccoli and steamed it with lemon juice and Shoups seasoning for our side.


Another tasty supper!


The snow finally started right around when I headed to the gym and it was pretty heavy for awhile, the roads were rough on my way home and I was glad to get inside. Thankfully (and a nice surprise), Zach didn’t have soccer tonight so he is home with me! Signing off of here to spend time with my man 🙂

169 miles. 23/200 running miles.


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