4 Mar

Monday Evening

Gym stats! I did 30 very sweaty minutes on the arc trainer for 1.85 miles and it felt great. I can’t wait to be there every. single. night. this week, and I’m not even kidding you. 🙂

Tonight was a Zach night of cooking! He has been doing that on Mondays a lot. So nice not to have to rush to get dinner ready between gym and Bible study. Thankful for that guy. Tonight’s dinner he made out of “Way to Cook Vegetarian” was Corn and Chile Quesadillas. I knew it was going to be good when I saw him broiling anaheim chiles to peel the skins off. 🙂


It was a slightly technical dinner and he pulled it off great! Basically what he did was seed and broil the chiles, seal them in a bag to loosen skins then peel and chop. He cooked shiitake mushrooms, corn, green onions, S+P in a skillet in oil then stirred this mixture into a bowl with the chopped chiles. Then layered some of the corn mixture along with gouda over half of an 8″ tortilla and repeated with 3 more tortillas.


Lastly the tortillas were cooked stovetop in a pan, sliced and served with salsa and FAGE! Zach added cilantro for decoration but it tasted so good we ended up stuffing more into our quesadilla. One quesadilla was a low 341 calories and was both delicious and filling! He did so good. 🙂


Since I knew dinner was off my hands tonight I decided at nap-time to prepare a little “thank-you” treat that would be both healthy and delicious. I chose the Copycat Recipe for Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs off of Chocolate Covered Katie. This is one of my absolute favorite candies that come out around Easter (or actually one of my favorite candies in general…). Something about the shape of this reese cup or the chocolate to PB ratio makes it even better than a normal reese cup in my opinion!

This recipe called for natural PB, powdered sugar, salt, cocoa powder, coconut oil and agave – all things I had on hand!


Following her recipe I made the PB dough part first, shaped into ovals and let freeze.


An hour later I made the “chocolate” sauce and dipped the ovals in and popped back in the freezer to be eaten later tonight! After a great Bible study later came I had 2 and Zach had…4. 🙂 He realllly liked them!


For that matter, so did I! These tasted amazing!! Dare I say better than the real thing? Perhaps because I know the healthy ingredients that went into them. 🙂

IMG_0109 IMG_0111

Going to have to make the few left in my freezer last! Though I don’t think that’s a possibility with Zach around. 😉 Now we’re snuggling and watching HP5, g’night!

I never updated mileage on Saturday, so Sat. was 164.5 miles and today is 166 miles.


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