3 Mar

Saturday Evening

This afternoon Leah showed up and we taught her how to play Nerts (which she caught on to really fast!), went swim-suit shopping and then went to Tonne! We shared a bottle of the dry catawba


and I thoroughly enjoyed my half. Tonne is always such a great place to talk, enjoy good wine and have a generally fun time and this evening was no exception. 🙂 We were supposed  to be headed to the hot tub right after but sadly found out that it had over-heated which ironically leads it to become very, very cool and we were clearly NOT getting in a 65 degree hot tub. So instead we headed back to my house and decided to venture onto the roof. We lasted up there for, oh, possibly 5 minutes? Haha it was just so cold! Didn’t stop us from taking some fun pictures though. 🙂

IMG_0064 IMG_0069

Then, for the second night in a row, I was talked into going to Puerta. Since Leah lives in Indy she of course wants to go when she visits Muncie and Zach was definitely not going to say no since he would eat there every day if he could! I didn’t take too much convincing though… Tonight the cheese dip tasted much better to me! Along with the chips and salsa I had a chicken soft taco tonight.



We got regular margaritas with our dinner but I didn’t finish much a lot more than half of mine and Leah didn’t do any better! We were just done.


After dinner was our friend Ryan’s birthday party at our house. We had a good time mostly playing a lot of Guitar Hero and beer pong but I didn’t have anything else to drink for the rest of the night. I started having stomach trouble (not the throw up kind) :/ but otherwise it was nice hanging out with friends! Even Pirate had a good time 🙂



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