3 Mar

Saturday Afternoon

So nice to go to my gym! Zach and I had to park super far away and it was cold so we jogged in and as I was jogging I realized I was NOT going to be doing any running today- my body was wore out! Instead I did 30 minutes on the stair master for 1 mile and 122 calories. Not the toughest workout ever, but I did get a good amount of sweating done and was tired all the same when I finished.

Came home and we cleaned, cleaned, cleaned for people coming over tonight. I never got very hungry for lunch but by 12:45 I knew I needed to eat something because Leah was going to be here soon to hang out! I decided to heat up one of my chicken sausages and this time had it with no condiments since I learned last time it really doesn’t need any!

IMG_0057 IMG_0058


Tasted pretty good, all things considering…I WILL love food again soon!


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