2 Mar

Friday Evening

I was so glad to be feeling well enough for tonight’s event since it had been planned for weeks and was already paid for!  As soon as I was off work Hillary came over and we headed to Tonne winery for…pottery painting! Ahead of time you pay a flat rate that includes your piece of pottery, all of the painting tools, their firing it in the kiln for you and a glass of wine. Up until this morning I was pretty sure that I was going to just give Hillary my glass of wine but by this evening I was ready for it!


I definitely wouldn’t have wanted more than one, but I took my time sipping this the whole evening while painting and it was really nice! This was a glass of their merlot- brand new! I have been so excited for them to come out with this for quite some time and was really pleased to see it on the list.

Hillary and I both painted wine chillers. Most everyone used stencils but I just freehanded mine. It kind of looked like a kindergartener made it (hey, I am a preschool teacher you know…) but I am hoping after it has been fired it will look artsy. 🙂

Once we were done Zach had been trying to get me to go to Puerta with him forever (probably ever since the last time we went) so I acquiesced. I got a cheese enchilada like normal that tasted great to me but sad day…the cheese dip was NOT tasting right to me tonight!



Zach said he thought it tasted fine but for some reason it was just off or not appealing to me. Therefore I only ate a few chips and salsa. At least my enchilada hit the spot. Home and watching Big Bang (we’re on season 5 now) and going to bed early again!


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