28 Feb

Thursday Morning

This week officially hates me. Yesterday was much better and today I wake up with totally different issues. Pounding head, stuffy nose, raw throat, heavy eyes and a mild fever. What in the world!? Zach has been battling a cold the past couple of days and I had a very poor nights sleep last night (according to FitBit woke up 21 times in an 8 hour period…) so I have a feeling that helped me contract this. I want to be healthy!!! I want to work out and feel great and fix meals and unfortunately I feel like doing none of that.

I am getting this post up late because I only JUST ate. I wasn’t hungry at all but finally forced myself to have something because I know my body needs nutrients to heal.


Apple w/PB plain and simple.

IMG_0045 IMG_0046

No booty call. Argh. I do need to update my mileage from yesterday though since I didn’t do that: 165 miles.


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