28 Feb

Thursday Afternoon

I am a failure this week in the realm of good eating and exercise. 😦 I am so very glad this week is an exception and not the rule. Today has gotten progressively worse with my fever and extreme body achiness. The weight I am dropping from lack of eating is being balanced by the weight of my head filling up with fluid…

No lunch today. I couldn’t bring myself to fix anything and couldn’t psych myself up to eat anything. I did have a few sips of a protein shake that Vicki brought over with her while she let me rest a bit at nap. (Again, a lifesaver) I KNOW I need to eat and I have some soup that I am planning on eating this evening but I’m telling you, for some reason food sounds even worse today than it did on Tuesday with the stomach flu!

My, oh my I believe I just need some SERIOUS sleep and to not wear myself out the way I did this past weekend. Only a couple hours until I get off work and I can fall onto the couch in a stupor…


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