25 Feb

Monday Morning

Back to normal today. Well normal and totally exhausted!! But that comes with having a weekend like the one I just had- totally worth it. 🙂 Breakfast was back to normal as well.


Made good old banana oatmeal for two today. Whole banana whipped in and then a whole banana chopped up (equalling one banana for both of us). Stir-ins were vanilla, cinnamon and PB.


I had a baby spoon of the rest of my Justin’s chocolate almond butter sample. Very good!


I have a light class today and am thankful for that since there is a lot to do and I am so wiped out. Normally this is the type of evening that I would be crashing on the couch after work buuut I have no such luxury today. I am headed straight to Indy after work because Christine is visiting from South Carolina and this is the only night we could see each other. I’m really hoping to get to bed at a decent time though…

Here are a few pictures from Saturday morning when Kori and I wandered around downtown Nashville/riverfront area:

IMG_9788 IMG_9794 IMG_9798 IMG_9800 IMG_9807



  1. victoria February 25, 2013 at 3:59 pm #

    Such great pictures showing your true friendship. Lovely.

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