25 Feb

Saturday Evening

After Kori and I walked around downtown Nashville and the riverfront, we got very lost trying to find our parking garage for a few minutes and then were on our way out of town. We weren’t going far, but we were headed to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. We took SO. MANY. pictures at Cheekwood, so those are also going to still get edited and then I will include them in a different post. We had the time of our lives there though. We both agree that it was our favorite part of the trip!

When we got back to our place after the gardens we had a drink on our front porch and talked and hung out for awhile before getting ready for dinner.


Then we did our evening thing and got dressed up!

IMG_0018 IMG_0019

We headed for a must-have in Nashville: BBQ!


Kori and I shared this plate of pork shoulder, ribs, turkey and mac and cheese. With a bunch of different sauces, it was verrrry good barbecue! I actually got a beer with my dinner! Surprise!


When in Rome, right? I only had 3/4 of it though because it still just isn’t really my thing.


We serendipitously sat at this booth and didn’t even realize it at first. Peyton Manning’s college booth!! For anyone who may not know, Peyton Manning was our Indianapolis Colts quarterback for a long time and he is incredible and we love him.


After dinner we went out! First we went to The Stage and listened to live music and I had some wine! I was very glad they had wine there because I am just not a mixed drink person at all.


Next we went to Troubadors and danced and listened to people karaoke. We were signed up for karaoke but there were so many people ahead of us that we never got to go! Probably for the best…



We were out late and had a great time before finally taxiing back to our place to watch TV and fall sound asleep!


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