24 Feb

Saturday Afternoon

After lazing around long enough this morning Kori and I started to get really hungry and set out for our brunch destination- Germantown Cafe. We had read about it online and it turned out to be a perfect pick! We knew it was going to be the best when they brought these to our table:


Cinnamon-sugar doughy “rolls” (almost like a pillowy doughnut) with a whipped butter sauce. They were warm and sooo good! Surprisingly I only ate one even though I wanted more, but I knew breakfast was still yet to come. I ordered their special omelet of the day- barbecue pork and cheddar cheese and I added mushrooms.


It came with a side of pepperjack grits (in back).


The omelet was HUGE!! I gave half of it to Kori and she gave me one of her english muffins with a crab cake and poached egg.


Every part of this meal was above and beyond fantastic. Another good pick!


After brunch we drove to downtown Nashville and parked and set out on foot to explore some of the stores and walk along the riverfront. We took loads of pictures, but that requires a lot of editing and I haven’t done that yet, so I will put up the pictures in a later post! I will show you a picture of the front of our awesome place though 🙂



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