23 Feb

Friday Evening

So after a 5 hour drive (that really didn’t feel very long!) in good traffic and good weather I arrived at our condo, just 10 minutes after Kori!! Instead of paying a premium for a not-so-nice hotel room, we found a suite to stay in at a condo off a site called AirBnB. LOVE IT!

IMG_9729 IMG_9730 IMG_9733

We celebrated our arrival with a champagne toast! (Would you expect any less of me? 🙂 )

IMG_9738 IMG_9740

Then we put on some music and got dolled up!


We took a taxi just minutes away to downtown Nashville to our dinner location, Etch.


We had a bit of a wait, but it was actually great. They put us in these chairs and brought us drinks (I had a glass of red) and the bartender (an older man named Paul) told us he was waiting for a specific booth to open up to put us in because it is all lit up and he likes to put his “lovely jewels of ladies” in the spotlight. Shameless flattery that I am sure he says to everyone, but still, it was nice. 🙂

We started dinner by sharing and Octopus and Shrimp Bruschetta.


This had manchego, arugula, fennel, roasted tomato, capers, garlic oil, bacon. All on crunchy bruschetta. SO GOOD. The octopus was out of this world incredible and when we told Paul how obsessed we were we found out that the octopus was cooked sous vide!! No wonder it was so good!! Just like that incredible sous vide chicken I had in Cincinnati back on my birthday trip. Oh my.


My dinner was the Scallops and Mediterranean Prawn.


The prawn was enormous!


The scallops were like butter! This was so incredible as well. Fall greens, local root vegetables, potatoes, squash, smoked shallot vinaigrette, chicken skins, butternut garlic essence.


It wasn’t a huge dish, but that worked out really well because I wasn’t wanting anything too big!


After dinner we moseyed (using my cowboy lingo 😉 ) down the strip to Tequila Cowboy to have a margarita since today is apparently National Margarita Day. We heard some fun live country music and then had a good time just walking around checking out the sights on the main drag.

IMG_9761 IMG_9764

Got to write our names in a bathroom 🙂


We ended the night by getting ice cream from the famous “Mike’s Ice Cream”. We both got brownie sundaes and got to choose 3 flavors.



From L to R I had Tennessee fudge, peanut butter cup and caramel pie. The TN fudge was by far my favorite but I only made it half-way through this dish, I just got too full!!!!

We came back to our suite to watch a movie and crash!

163.5 miles


One Response to “HOWDY, NASHVILLE”

  1. Mom February 23, 2013 at 10:58 am #

    Beautiful girls, beautiful food. Be good & have fun!

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