21 Feb

Thursday Evening

I am totally exhausted. So thankful for the fun weekend ahead! I was pretty tired after work, but sluffed over to the gym for a workout anyway! Nothing too crazy. Just 19 minutes on the stair master + 11 minutes on the arc trainer for a total of 1.5 miles and 123 calories.

Came home to fix a makeover Chicken and Mushroom “Risotto” from “Now Eat This!”. I already had the mushrooms and scallions chopped and the rotisserie chicken shredded (without the skins of course). Once I got home I combined in a pot-

  • garlic
  • cremini mushrooms
  • scallions
  • milk
  • chicken broth

and brought it to a boil.


Once boiling I seasoned with salt and added a product completely new to me- TVP (textured vegetable protein).


When I was looking for it at EarthFare I had to ask 3 different employees before someone even had a guess as to where it was! Haha, hint – it’s with the grains! The reason “risotto” is in quotes in this recipe title is because it is not truly risotto (no arborio rice) but the TVP mimics it and is supposed to create a risotto like dish. It cooked over low heat until gelled (much like oatmeal). I then added a milk/cornstarch mixed and stirred continuously while thickening. Lastly I put in the shredded chicken and parmigiano reggiano cheese.


This was great!! I don’t know if I would say exactly like risotto, but pretty close! It was very hearty and flavorful and I would love to experiment more with TVP to come up with other dishes.

IMG_9718 IMG_9719

Not to mention the fact that it has great stats. The previous risotto stats were 30g of fat and 620 calories, makeover stats are 5.9g of fat and 268 calories!! Now THAT’S good eating 🙂



Packing and showering and other stuff tonight and hopefully having a few minutes of downtime before it’s time for bed!

162 miles.


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