20 Feb

Wednesday Morning

It was a strawberry overload on my breakfast this morning!


FAGE with strawberries and honey + a slice of Ezekiel sprouted bread with Crofters strawberry jam.

IMG_9674 IMG_9673

I can not tell you how good it is to have Crofters back in this house. This strawberry jam tasted so incredible! 🙂


A little honey goes a long way on greek yogurt. People complain about the plain kind or say they don’t like the taste, but it is worlds better than buying pre-flavored ones with so much sugar and more ingredients. If you need to start out with more honey or truvia or jam in your yogurt to make it palatable, so be it! That’s fine and I guarantee that after time you will need less and less and begin to appreciate it for what it is!


Pirate Jack is doing well this morning and is such a cuddly little guy. 🙂 He has already stolen our hearts. Here is a picture from Saturday when we picked him out at the shelter:


Did my morning gazelle and my calves are wicked sore. It’s weird because the only thing that was different is how fast I ran yesterday but it sure did a number on them! Definitely going to stretch them well today so that they are primed for spin class tonight! That’s right, spin class again. 🙂

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