19 Feb

Tuesday Evening



There are so many title possibilities because there are so many amazing things about this night!! First off, the gym. I got a crazy notion today that I wanted to PR on my mile because I hadn’t done that in awhile. So I checked just how long ago it was and it was May 31! That’s 3/4 of a year ago! Also the time was astoundingly low for me- 8:19. I haven’t even ran a mile under 9 in ages. I have been feeling more and more fit lately though and I am nothing if not determined so once I got it in my head I had to go for it. I DID IT!!! In 8:10!!!! I started at a 6.9 and ended at a 7.9 running speed and it was crazy and tough at the end but I was so proud of myself (though I can’t have too much pride because all the credit goes to God!) 🙂 Walked until 30 minutes at an incline for a total of  193 calories and 2.26 miles.

Dinner had to be an easy/faster one tonight because we had somewhere fun to be!


I got the recipe for tonights Roasted Red Pepper Soup out of “Quick Soups, Simple Salads”. During nap I chopped onion, carrots and celery so that was all ready to go. When I got home from the gym all I had to do mostly was put stuff together. I combined chicken broth, roasted red peppers (jarred), onion, carrot, celery, sugar and salt to boil and then simmer under veggies were tender.


I had to let it cool a bit and then put it into a blender to smooth out. Once I returned it to the pan I added unsweetened almond milk (it called for half and half so my version is lighter but probably not as thick as it would be) and stirred until heated through.


We were in such a rush I had to wolf this down in the car! It was okay, but not top-notch. Probably wouldn’t make again but for now we have a looot of leftovers.

The exciting part of our evening? We got to use a Christmas present from Mom and Dad…tickets to see the Blue Man Group!!!! I have always thought that would be a great show to see and then here they were, coming to Muncie! Zach and I were really looking forward to this and they did NOT disappoint.

IMG_9664 IMG_9670

They were funny, interactive, had great music and were such a blast to watch!

Now it is time for MORE exciting news. Remember Saturday when I said Zach had some surprises that afternoon but I would write about them later? Here it is…


meet Pirate Jack! Zach took me to our local animal shelter on Saturday to possibly pick out a cat. There were a few kittens that were cute (but already adopted) but I wanted to look at some of the more grown up kitties since no one is ever as interested in adopting them. We spent a loooong time at the shelter sitting, getting covered in cat hair, visiting with all the cats just to see how we felt. There were a few that were sweet but most weren’t quite what we were looking for because they were too old or didn’t get along well with the other cats or weren’t cuddly, etc. There was one stand-out though. This little guy named Pirate Jack. A fitting name because he only has one eye!!! They aren’t sure what happened to his eye as he has been in 3 different shelters (no one ever wanted him) since he was little. He is going to be 3 this summer and is a rather small full-grown cat. We knew he was the cat for us based on so many things: he was so sweet and lovable and let us hold him however we wanted without trying to get away, he continually came back to us, he didn’t mind the other cats even when they got near him and swatted or hissed, and we absolutely love his missing eye- it makes him so unique! Zach brought him home this afternoon and he spent some time exploring and adjusting before meeting our other cats. They aren’t crazy about him yet, but haven’t been TOO mean, he is just taking it in stride. He has already been so cuddly and lovey, I think he is glad to have a forever home and not get carted around from shelter to shelter like an orphan. 🙂 He absolutely LOVES the sink in our master bathroom, haha!


I just love him to pieces already and am so happy to have a new member of our clan! God definitely matched us up with this cat. His nicknames include Squeaker and Jack Jack so far. Mom and Dad got to meet him tonight and I think they loved their new grand-cat 🙂 Now I have GOT to get to sleep before I fall over where I sit.

148.5 miles, 22/200 running miles


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