18 Feb

Monday Evening

My husband couldn’t but that didn’t stop him from making us cassoulet for dinner! First though, the gym. I got there late today and almost every machine was taken except that new monster that I tried out last week. I still don’t know the name of it but it says something like PX4700 on it. Well I did a full 30 minutes on it today and man that thing is a beast! It was tough and I was sweating like crazy (partially because it’s a really warm February day and yet the heat was on..) and it was working muscles that aren’t used to that kind of abuse but I enjoyed it. 🙂 Burned 216 calories and went 2.24 miles.

Earlier today Zach volunteered to make tonight’s dinner and I’ll admit I was a little unsure. I knew tonight’s recipe was very hands-on and more in depth than some, but of course I agreed. (Who would turn down not having to cook for a night?) I had to explain some things off the recipe to him and then hoped while I was at the gym that he knew what he was doing! Turns out he did. 🙂


He also discovered how much of a mess cooking can make. 🙂


The recipe for this was “cassoulet in a flash” from one of my Cooking Light magazines. Thankfully it’s online so I don’t have to type it all out because it is quite long! We did have a few changes to it though. We could not find duck sausage or duck breast so we substituted. Zach used EarthFare organic chicken sausage in place of duck sausage and chicken breast in place of duck breast. He also used olive oil since we didn’t have any walnut oil on hand. Other than that it was the same!


The topping looks awfully dark in the photos but it was not burned in the least!


Our ramekins were smaller than what the recipe called for, so we each ended up eating 1 1/2 to get a full serving (which is just 383 calories).


They were adorable AND delicious! Zach did a great job and we loved the flavor of all the meats in the dish. The panko topping was also especially good, it reminded me of stuffing. 🙂


As soon as we ate we rushed to Bible study, then rushed home, I took a fast shower and am just now blogging (while Zach blow-dries my hair 🙂 I absolutely love when he does that!) and as soon as I’m done it’s right to sleep. A busy day starting out what will be a busy week!

145 miles.


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