16 Feb

Saturday Evening

Little Noah’s party was quite a success and he made an adorable little birthday boy…


Zach and I had a coloring contest and enjoyed ourselves as well. 🙂


I resisted all the chips and sloppy joes (not too hard) and cake and cupcakes (a little harder) for the sake of my body. 🙂 We didn’t have a ton of food at home and talked about picking something up, but considering tomorrow night’s dinner will be both costly and large we decided for our wallets/health to whip something up at home. My dinner?


Three slices of turkey bacon and a PB + banana wrap.


The turkey bacon was so good last night it was all I could think about!


My wrap was an 80 cal. whole wheat La Tortilla Factory wrap with Maranatha PB, sliced banana, honey and cinnamon.


Hooray for it being 6:15 and still being able to take pictures by natural light!!! Winter is on it’s way out! Though it sure has been freezing all day… Another nice relaxing evening with Zach now, watching some more “Sophie’s Choice” and possibly hitting up the hot tub.


One Response to “LIGHTER LONGER”

  1. victoria February 17, 2013 at 2:35 pm #

    Yes….adorable birthday boy and adorable coloring contestants as well. I didn’t resist the cake 😦

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