15 Feb

Friday Afternoon

Sometimes when you look way back into your freezer you will find things that you forgot you had!


That was the case today with this veggie, mushroom burger. I know why I “forgot” about it, it’s because I wasn’t completely in love with this brand the first time I had one. I still had three left though (well, now 2) and can’t justify buying my FAVORITE veggie burgers until these ones are gone. So I though, better get eating!


I put some ketchup and mustard on the burger with a side of pickles.


The other lunch counterpart was a banana diced, cinnamon sprinkled, honey drizzled and served with PB.

IMG_9550 IMG_9548


Another great lunch. 🙂 You know, I was thinking about how ridiculously often I use smiley faces in my posts and thought about taking it down a notch, perhaps it was overkill. It sounds silly to say I am just literally that happy almost all of the time…but you know what? It’s true! I am a generally very happy and optimistic person, so the smileys? They stay.   🙂

I did want to get in an afternoon workout today, but not something too tiring/muscle stressing so that I can be in top form for turbo tonight. Thirty more minutes on the gazelle it is!


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