15 Feb

Friday Morning

It was my turn to have breakfast made for me this morning!

Zach made me an eggie in a basket! I always love this dish. 🙂 It looks burned for some reason, but it wasn’t!


It’s simply an over-easy egg in a slice of toast (Genesis sesame today) but I could not do it like he does. More of those shrivelly, expensive grapes on the side.


Underside of an eggie 🙂


Ah well, they’re still eatable. 😉 Did 30 minutes on the gazelle and hooray for Friday! I’m looking forward to this whole weekend: turbo kick tonight, and then an evening of relaxing and down-time; apparently a surprise tomorrow (according to my husband) and a birthday party; then lunch with a friend Sunday followed by a fancy V-day dinner!


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