14 Feb

Thursday Evening

Went to the gym for a Valentine’s date with my love this evening. 🙂 After my stressful workday I was desperately in need of some full-out sprints, so that’s what I did! I did 30 minutes on the treadmill for 2.5 miles alternating sprints and walking (252 calories).

I didn’t want to cook dinner tonight but I also didn’t want to spend very much and wanted to eat healthy on top of that! Pretty much one good option for these folks: Noodles and Company! After the gym Zach and I got takeout and came home for a romantic, candlelit dinner. I normally go with the Med salad but decided to “splurge” for V-day and got a small penne rosa.


Still pretty light at 410 calories with low sodium and fat.  We turned takeout fancy with placemats, nice plates and lots and lots of candles. Zach enjoyed a beer and I had a nice wineglass…


filled with water! 🙂 Check out my cute date all decked out in pink!


This afternoon I made a little, healthy Valentine’s treat for my love! Chocolate cups with strawberries:


You can find the recipe on Tone It Up’s website here. I melted down dark chocolate and then spread it with a brush into cupcake liners sprayed with cooking spray.


Soccer liners in honor of my love.


I should have used a lot more chocolate though per cup because I made them too thin and they were losing pieces of the cup as I tore the paper away! Oops. I knew it was going to be tricky though. They were still cute. 🙂

IMG_9539 IMG_9540

I had one of these and in the time it took to eat one Zach ate two! I think they were a hit 🙂


We had a great low-budget Valentine’s Day with all of this fun…and more 😉 Once more, a happy valentine’s day to you and yours!

131.5 miles


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