14 Feb

Thursday Afternoon

What a CRAZY morning it’s been!! From dealing with a scary health situation with a kid to our wild Valentine’s party to being behind on every part of the schedule to loads of sugar to children not falling asleep, it’s just been nuts. Thankfully now they are all settled down and I can finally sit down and have a break and eat some lunch!


Leftover Aloha Under the Sea from Monday and leftover green beans from last night.


That seafood stew stuff reheats great! It tastes like something familiar to me, but I just can’t put my finger on it…


I was getting pretty hungry for lunch today, especially watching the children chow down and not participating!


So far today I have passed on candy that came on my valentine’s from the kids, iced heart cookies that they had for their morning party, a miniature box of chocolates from a kid (gave it to Zach and Steven to share 🙂 ) and cookies (from Concannons!!) that I bagged up to go in all of their Valentine’s bags. Whew! That’s a lot of willpower! Now don’t get me wrong, I love treats and I WILL be having a little chocolate this Valentine’s day, I am just saving it for the worth it treat/time and mindlessly eating during daycare is not it. I have hopefully delicious (and healthy!) treats that I am making for tonight and plan to enjoy every bite.

No afternoon workout. I am sore, I am wore out and I have a Valentine’s Thursday date with Kori 🙂 As well as making treats!

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