14 Feb

Thursday Morning

Woke up from a great night’s sleep to this fine Valentine’s Day! Of course I am thrilled to have my wonderful husband on Valentine’s Day, but truthfully it is just another day for card manufacturers and flower shops to make bank. Not to say we don’t celebrate in our own ways because we do. Zach and I ALWAYS love an excuse for celebration. 🙂 But the important thing is to show love year round. Zach lets me know day in and day out just how treasured I am in a million little ways which is far more special to me than obligatory acknowledgment on a specific day!

I know when girls say “No, don’t get me flowers” they usually mean “I WANT FLOWERS AND YOU HAD BETTER GET THEM FOR ME OR I WILL BE ONE UNHAPPY LADY!” But this year I told Zach firmly NO flowers and actually meant it. We are scraping and saving for taxes (since we’re self-employed we always owe, no nice refunds for this family!) and I saw flowers as an unnecessary purchase. Besides that we have a somewhat expensive V-day dinner coming up on Sunday. So when I turned the lights on in my classroom this morning I found this on my desk:


🙂 Along with my laptop desktop background:


Free Valentine’s Day love! I returned the favor and made Zach a bowl of oatmeal that I had been dreaming up in my head last night! Cinnamon Roll Oatmeal!!


The types of things that flit through my head as I am trying to fall asleep more often than not revolve around the next morning’s breakfast and I decided that I wanted to create a new oatmeal and this sounded like the perfect V-day flavor. I started with the usual mix of oats, water, unsweetened almond milk, salt and a banana (for two). Near the end of cooking I added a little pat of butter. Once the oatmeal was cooked the real adding began: flaxseed, cinnamon, a teensy bit of brown sugar, vanilla and the KEY- molasses! Once I put molasses in the whole thing realllly started smelling like a cinnamon roll. This was my first time to use it, but I have had it on hand for awhile. Pure, unsulphured molasses.


I made an icing out of powdered sugar and water and this was the one area I was really lacking. I desperately needed cream cheese to give off the full “cinnamon roll” effect, but had none available.


I piped the icing into a circle on the oatmeal, but since there was no cream cheese in it to thicken it, it just sort of melted into the oatmeal. Still tasted amazing though. 🙂 Lastly were red sprinkles just because it’s Valentine’s Day!


This tasted great but not quite as close to cinnamon rolls as I had hoped. The ingredients are all spot on, I just needed to add MORE cinnamon, a little more molasses and have cream cheese on hand. Can’t wait to try it again because if it was already this good, next time will be mind-blowing! 🙂


Did my booty call this morning and MAN could I feel yesterday’s spin class. Talk about sore muscles! Some strange ones that are sore too, like my shoulders… Looking forward to this Valentine’s Day ahead! 🙂


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