13 Feb

Wednesday Morning

My grandpa used to make me cinnamon sugar toast and cut them into four little squares and I would slowly eat them while we played war with cards at the breakfast table. This morning’s breakfast was in honor of him!


I toasted and buttered a slice of Genesis sesame bread and sprinkled it with a little cinnamon sugar before slicing into fours like I was a kid again. There is something about having more pieces that makes it feel like more food. 🙂


On the side (or more literally, all around the sides) were grapes.


When Zach brought these grapes back from the store he said, “I hope you like these grapes because I didn’t know until I was paying for them that they were $7.” Seven dollars?! For some grapes? Yikes. Also, they are pretty wimpy grapes. After having them only two days they are already starting to get shriveled and they are the type that still have the stem stuck in them even after you pull them off the little branches. Oh well, lesson learned. Well-played red, seedless grapes.


Typical 30 minutes on the gazelle today. My shoulders/upper body is ridiculously sore. Definitely from yesterday’s burpees. I have pretty much already decided I am not doing an afternoon workout partially from soreness/partially because I am trying something tough at the gym tonight that I haven’t done in quite awhile and want to have top energy for it! Oooh, mysterious.


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