12 Feb

Tuesday Afternoon

My oatmeal was lacking it’s usual PB this morning so I just had to incorporate it into lunch.


I heated up the last of the quinoa that I made a week and a half ago for Mom’s house with basil, pepper and a little garlic salt. I made a lovely over-easy egg to go on top which makes one of the best combinations ever.




Speaking of best combinations: apple +PB!


This time I did something a little different and I heated up the apple in chunks in the microwave for 30 seconds and then stirred the PB on top so that it got all nice and melty. Finished with cinnamon of course.


This was just one of those hit-the-spot lunches!


I was going to do a formal workout this afternoon (a ZWOW most likely) but changed my mind and decided to do a challenge instead. I have challenged myself to do 10 burpees every 15 minutes (from 12:30 to 2:30) on the dot. I’ve already done 2 sets and I can tell this may get pretty tough, 15 minutes goes by awfully fast when burpees are waiting!! Wish me luck…


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