11 Feb

Monday Evening

My whole house smells a bit fishy…but it was worth it for our dinner! But first, the gym. I went and did 30 minutes on the arc trainer and bumped it up to a higher resistance than normal and I was sweating like the guy who works with a brick oven pizza all day. Perhaps more. I did 1.78 miles and burned 126 calories. I do have to say that on some equipment I am not sure how accurate the FitBit is. I know I don’t burn as much as the machine says, but the FitBit can only track my motion and not my heart-rate so it doesn’t know how intense some of the exercises are. When running it knows that when I go faster I burn more and slower I burn less, but on some equipment I don’t think it always knows. I still absolutely love it though!

Supper came from Hungry Girl’s 1-2-3 recipe book tonight. Aloha Under the Sea.


I already had tilapia and shrimp thawed and onion, red pepper and orange pepper sliced and was ready to assemble the meal the second I got home. First in a large pot I put water, cornstarch, ketchup (low-sugar of course), tamari, brown sugar, onion soup mix, dijonnaise and garlic. It got stirred until the cornstarch was dissolved then I turned the heat on medium and added chunks of tilapia and a can of pineapple chunks (juice included). The recipe called for swordfish, but considering that I had frozen tilapia on hand I subbed out. It also called for scallops but I counted the cost on that one and decided not this time…

After this cooked for about 8 minutes I threw in the onions and peppers and cooked a couple minutes more. Finally shrimp was tossed in, cooked until heated, set aside to thicken and served up!

IMG_9475 IMG_9479

This ate like a thick stew and was REALLY good! Zach ate two huge helpings. 🙂 Bible study was great tonight, such a caring group of people. Time to read with my love and turn in a bit early!

116.5miles (as always I round anything less than 2 miles down to 1.5)


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