10 Feb

Sunday Evening

Nice to be in my gym today! Especially with my husband by my side. 🙂  I started out on some new machine that I have never seen before. I am not even sure the name of it! It is a striding machine where your feet are planted like an elliptical but is more horizontal than vertical. You also hold handles to push back and forth but it feels so weird! There is a specific setting that is like a personal trainer where the machine adapts to work different areas each minute. It was cool and it was TOUGH. I just did it for 15 minutes because it tired me out (.6 miles, counting as .5)! Next I did 10 minutes on the arc trainer (.5 miles) and then 10 minutes on the treadmill at an incline (.5 miles).

Zach is not only training for the mini but is working at running a pace that would qualify him for the Boston marathon eventually. The pace? 7:03 minute miles. That’s running at an 8.5 continuously!?!?!?!?!! For 26 miles!! He obviously isn’t at that point yet, but he did run 3 miles at that pace and I am in awe. That’s like my all-out sprinting pace, haha! I think I will just work at dropping my time on a 5K, a distance runner I am not nor do I want to be! 🙂

Okay. Apparently this past rule I set for myself is not holding up too well because this afternoon found us at….

IMG_9457 IMG_9458

Tonne Winery. With Mom and Dad. We all four shared a bottle of catawba and then a bottle of chambourcin. We used the fun new wine chiller that Mom had painted at a Tonne party. I want to say that the rule is back in effect as of tomorrow but I know that you may not believe me. Third time’s a charm. Right? 🙂

After the winery it was somehow decided (I think mostly by Mom…;) ) that we would all go catch the movie “Identity Thief”. Which had started about 3 minutes before we left Tonne. Thanks to 17 minutes worth of previews we sat down literally 30 seconds before the film started! We ate our weight in popcorn (with a few M&M’s) and laughed a lot. While the movie wasn’t quite as knee-slapping hilarious as one might expect, it was still pretty funny and heart-warming as well. 🙂 We had a great time.

When Zach and I got home we played cards until we got hungry enough for supper, which we made together. It was a simple affair from a recipe pulled out of a  magazine. It was a 5-ingredient recipe which made it easy enough! Ingredients?

  • bacon
  • onion
  • linguine
  • parmesan cheese
  • egg yolks


We boiled whole wheat linguine in one pot, while frying low-sodium, organic bacon in another. We reserved 3 TBS of bacon fat to cook the onion in and stirred until softened. One and 1/2 cups of the pasta water was then added to the bacon and onions until boiling then the linguine was stirred in. We added the yolk of two eggs plus pepper and finally topped it off with parmigiano reggiano.

IMG_9461 IMG_9462

What a gooood bowl of pasta!! Though beware the oniony breath to follow…yikes! All hunkered down now and time to watch the mid-season premiere of…The Walking Dead!!! Hooray! It feels like ages since we have gotten to see an episode. 🙂

113.5 miles


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