9 Feb

Friday Evening

I was really looking forward to Zach and I’s dinner tonight- we went to Plum’s Upper Room, a place we have had our eye on in the Indy monthly for quite awhile. We went for the 4-6pm dinner time when you could order off the lighter fare menu. A good way to sample several things at a lower price! Zach and I shared a bottle of pinot noir and enjoyed the atmosphere.

IMG_9424 IMG_9423


To start Zach ordered a pumpkin bisque with creme fraiche that was absolutely beautiful.



I ate a couple bites, but he ate most of it as I am not crazy about pumpkin. Next we shared duck fat frites:



Now these I ate my half of!! 🙂 There wasn’t anything to dip them in at all which seemed a bit weird at first but they were so good that they stood alone perfectly. Lastly we shared their special of the day, scallops wrapped in Smoking Goose bacon with micro greens.



We each had one and a half and they were sooo delicious! Best part of dinner for sure!! We had such a nice time here, definitely a place we would visit again!



On the way home waiting to get onto the interstate we had this semi get RIGHT UP on us. So of course I took a picture.

IMG_9433 IMG_9437

When we got back to Muncie we went over to mom and dad’s so that we could get beat at peanuts or as they all call it, nerts. Haha. I didn’t take any pictures over there, but we had a little bit of wine and then Mom and Dad ordered a pizza from Pizza King! Considering that dinner was early and lunch was kind of non-existent we were hungry! I happily wolfed down some royal feast and pepperoni with baked ham and barbecue. A wonderful half-day turned into a wonderful night!!


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