8 Feb

Friday Afternoon

The morning has flown by! Once nap-time started I did another half hour on the gazelle. I swear to you that next week I am going to go back to Shredding and ZWOW’s and other random workouts in the afternoon but today it was most convenient!

I’ve got a really fun afternoon/evening planned for Zach and I and lunch is going to be somewhat involved in that but it won’t be until later afternoon. I am just going to post this up for now and then later I will add the lunch part of the day to this post and make the dinner post separate. Really looking forward to today!!


So for the first part of our afternoon Zach and I headed to Zionsville to a new winery called Hopwood Cellars.


I know I laid down the “no drinks til V-day” rule, but the excitement of having a half day together and exploring new places was too tempting. 🙂 It’s back on now until V-day dinner though! So anyway, we did a tasting and then had a very unique snack:


We shared a wine shake!! They mix up ice cream with Bekkar – their chambourcin blend – and serve it with whipped cream and a moonshine cherry. SO good. I told Zach that I was glad Tonne didn’t have these because I would eat them waaaay too often. 🙂 We killed a little bit of time hanging out at the winery until it was time to head to our early (4:45) dinner. That’s why we didn’t want to eat a big lunch.



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