6 Feb

Wednesday Evening

This afternoon I did 42 minutes on the gazelle. That means with the gazelle alone I did 3.5 miles today- enough to break the Vday challenge!! I didn’t stop there though, hit the gym after work for 31 minutes on the elliptical (3 miles and 185 calories). I also worked out on a triceps machine and ab machine. Here’s the total: 103.5 miles! I have decided I am not stopping there though. I am setting a steep goal for myself of 1,000 cardio miles this year. I won’t post it every single night like I have been, but I will keep track and update every now and then!

My mother is so considerate. 🙂 She called me this afternoon and let me know what she was fixing for dinner tonight and that she was making white rice and wanted to tell me so that I could bring brown rice if I wanted. She knows me so well! I actually didn’t make brown rice though…I made mixed quinoa! I hadn’t had quinoa in a while and decided that I would like that instead. It paired very well with dinner!


Mom made sauteed veggies with garlic and parmesan cheese…


Along with green chile crockpot chicken which I need to get the recipe for because it is sooo good.

IMG_9396 IMG_9397

I also had a crescent roll.



It was a great dinner! So much so that I had a little bit of seconds of chicken + quinoa. Mom’s food is always tasty and it’s always nice to have dinner cooked for me. 🙂 After dinner Mom and I played cards. I thought I was going to be teaching her a new game and was going to be crushing her at it. Turns out that it’s a game her and Dad have been playing for years and I am the one who got crushed. Who knew? Just relaxing now waiting for my busy guy to get home!


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