6 Feb

Wednesday Morning

I really didn’t mean for my breakfast to so closely mirror yesterday’s…but it just kind of happened!


While I was still doing my booty call Zach started fixing himself up eggs and they smelled so good that when he asked if I wanted one I couldn’t help but say yes. 🙂 He made me an over-easy egg with a little pepperjack cheese on a slice of Genesis sesame bread.

IMG_9387 IMG_9388

You’d think I hadn’t had an egg for days as good as this tasted! Haha I am such a sucker for eggs.


Did the normal 30 minutes on the gazelle and it looks as though my pink eye has finally cleared up! Although I still have 2 kids out with it today, hopefully the epidemic has stopped spreading. Another work day ahead and dinner at Mom and Dad’s tonight!

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